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Hooks can be used to fire actions after certain operations have been performed on an indexing item.

Currently the following hooks are supported:



Item Pre-Merge

Triggers on all items that are not the Master document before the merge occurs.

Item Post-Merge

Triggers on the Master document after the merge is complete.

Item Page Moved

Triggers after a single page is moved in an item.

Item Page Rotated

Triggers after a single page is rotated in an item.

Item Page Deleted

Triggers after a single page is deleted in an item.

Item Primary Split

Triggers on the original document that has had pages split from it.

Item Secondary Split

Triggers on the new document that contains the split pages.

Edit Pdf Hook

Triggers when an item is modified using the Edit PDF option.

Edit Pdf Split Hook

Triggers on each new document that is split using the Edit PDF option.

If you want to create a “hidden” action that can be run by only hooks then simply toggle the Hide Button option on the display tab of an action.

Having two actions with the same hook is unsupported and will produce unexpected outcomes as only a single hook will fire.

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