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Azure Forms Recognizer

This pre-processing stage sends the subject file to Azure Forms Recognizer for processing.

Azure Forms Recognizer Connection

Select the connection to a specific forms recognizer to use.


Use the Simple mode to select one of the pre-built models that Microsoft have created from the dropdown.

These include:

  • Invoice

  • Receipt

  • General Document

  • Identity Document

  • Business Card

Use the Advanced mode to specify the name of a custom model you have trained.

Pages to analyse

Select if you want to analyse “All Pages” or a “Range” of pages.

Please consider that Azure Forms Recognizer charges per page processed, so its generally recommended to use the “Range” option to control costs.

Page Range

Specify which pages the azure forms recognizer should operate on.

This field appears when the “Pages to analyse” option has been set to “Range”.

You can specify individual pages such as 1, 2, 3 or a range of pages as 1-5.

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