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Scan documents from MFD to EWA

There are multiple ways to get documents into an EzeScan WebApps installation when scanning from an MFD.

1. EzeScan Capture (for Ricoh MFD's)

If you're running a Ricoh device that supports running EzeScan Capture then you will get the most enjoyable end user experience.

Users will log into the copier and see only the buttons for the indexing pages they can access.

Scan settings are controlled via Scan Profiles in EzeScan WebApps.

Users end up with a simple one button process to scan different document types.

Steps to set up:
  1. Install the EzeScan Capture app on your supported Ricoh device.
  2. Configure the app on the device.
  3. Launch the app and press a button to scan a document to the corresponding index queue.

2. SMTP Server

This method is the preferred method for MFD's that don't have support for EzeScan Capture.

EzeScan WebApps has a built in SMTP server which can be used to extract attachments from emails and drop them into indexing queues.

Steps to set up:
  1. Configure the SMTP server in EzeScan WebApps.
  2. Set your MFD to use the IP address of your EzeScan WebApps Server.
  3. Scan some documents and any items that match the configured rules will be dropped into corresponding queues.

Tip: If your device lets you configure shortcuts or buttons then you can easily build a comparable experience to EzeScan Capture. 

  • You can create a button named "Invoices" that sends the scanned document to "".
  • A rule on the SMTP server can be set up to watch for that specific address and then put it into the Invoices indexing page into a shared queue.
  • If your users are logging into the device and the from address of the email changes then we can leverage this to put it directly into a users personal queue.
  • If your users are not logging into the device then we can have users email scans to themselves and then leverage the "To" field of the email to put it directly into a users personal queue.

3. Scan to Import folders

Set up the MDF to scan directly into the Input pages of indexing pages.

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