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  1. Download the latest zip from our website (
  2. Launch the Web Image Monitor for your device.
  3. In the top right click Login
  4. Enter your credentials and proceed to login. (Default credentials are admin with a blank password)
  5. On the left menu click Device Management > Configuration.
  6. Under Extended Feature Settings click Install.
  7. Select Local File then click the Browse button and select the zip file which you downloaded in step 1. Click the Display Extended Feature List and then wait.
    Note: It can take up to 5 minutes for the file to upload and the page to refresh.
  8. You should see the status in the bottom of your web browser.

  9. Select the radio button and then click the Install link.
  10. Confirm the options and then click OK.
  11. The following status message will display while the app installs.
  12. Once installation is finished you will be redirected back to the previous Install screen but EzeScan Capture will no longer be listed in the Extended Feature List.
  13. On the copier tap the Apps button.
  14. Confirm that the EzeScan Capture app is displayed.
  15. Press and hold the app icon and drag it to your preferred location on the home screen then let go.
  16. You should now see the EzeScan Capture app on the home screen.
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