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59. How do I change which KFI I'm using part-way through a job?

a.k.a. How To Implement Dynamic KFI's

In EzeScan versions before 4.1 only one KFI could be associated with any given job. It was not possible to change the KFI definition part way through the job. As a result, users had to pre-sort their images into batches that would all use the same KFI index.

On the Job Admin form you could only select one KFI type and one Upload type per job (as below). It was also not possible to pass field values between fields in other KFI types.

In EzeScan 4.1 a new feature called Dynamic KFI lets users switch to a different KFI during processing, and this FAQ shows you how to set it up.

As with previous versions of EzeScan, create each working Job+KFI+Upload combination using the same steps that are documented in our KFI and UPLOAD user guide addenda. Then, for each KFI that will be used as a Dynamic KFI, complete the following steps.

  1. In the Job Admin form on the Output tab, set the upload type for the job to None/Blank, as below.

  2. Also on the Output tab, tick the "Allow Change Of KFI" box, then save your changes.

  3. Go to the KFI Admin form's Output tab, where you can link this KFI to the required UPLOAD type (as below). Apply your changes.

  4. (Optional) You may also have some index fields that you want to
    share between each KFI. In this case you can assign a field to load/save
    its field value from/to a global variable (as below). There are 10
    numbered locations that you can save field values into. Once you have
    chosen a global variable for the field, click OK to save your changes.

Once you have completed the steps 1-4 above for each KFI involved in the job processing, test by running the job and loading a document into the viewer.

  1. Press F4 to bring up the KFI Indexing Panel. The KFI type that is
    displayed initially is the one that is assigned to the Job on the Job
    Admin form's Output tab, in the KFI Type list. A new KFI button and
    label tell you which KFI is currently in use.

  2. To change the KFI associated with this document, click the KFI button. Select a new KFI from the list and click OK:

  3. The KFI indexing panel gets reloaded with the new KFI's first index and the KFI commences processing the field:

  4. When you click the Submit button, the code checks to see which Upload type has been linked to the currently selected KFI. It then runs that upload type and loads the document and metadata in the backend system. The next document is then displayed to the operator, who can either use the existing KFI or choose another one.

Steps 5-8 will repeat until no more documents are available to display.

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