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120. How to enable EzeScan for individual per use configuration for Citrix style environments

If EzeScan is required to be used in a Citrix / RDS /VMware view style environment then the EzeScan configuration needs to be configured as a per-user application instead of a standard workstation configuration.

The way this is configured is that a "master" configuration is stored in a folder (In the EzeScan Authority Server) and when a new user or a new user (or configuration changes have been made to the "master") EzeScan will pull down the new configuration to deploy to the user.

Please note: that this configuration is designed for use under our concurrent license model only.

📘 To set this up…

  1. Setup master configuration

    1. Confirm EzeScan is on 4.3.150 or above.

    2. In the C:\Program Files (x86)\Outback Imaging\EzeScan\Resources\Override.ini -> Add the following line under the [Folder Paths] section
      Common Data=%APPDATA%\Outback Imaging\EzeScan
      Save the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Outback Imaging\EzeScan\

    3. Load EzeScan → Select Admin → Workstation Options → Config Tab
      Confirm the Application data directory is pointing to the respective users APPDATA path -> Click Save to close

    4. Configure the license and workflows as required.

  2. Configure Deployment Settings

    • It is now time to configure the configuration profile share to allow other users use this configuration. Please refer to section 8 of the EzeScan Authority Service user guide.

    • This is available to download from the EzeScan downloads section (required to be logged in)

  3. Test EzeScan

    1. Log into EzeScan as the current user, and confirm all jobs and license is ok.

    2. Log into EzeScan as a completely new user(another session) and confirm all jobs and license is ok.

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