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Managing Configuration Profiles on the EzeScan (PC) client

Once the Authority Server is configured to manage the EzeScan Config files (EzeScan.cfg), the client PC's need to have their EzeScan override.ini file set-up to point to their respective configuration.
Details for editing the override.ini can be found in the Changing the override.ini file on the client PC section.
As a particular config is updated and subsequently "loaded" into its folder on the Authority Server, it will then become available to those config users the next time they open EzeScan. This will alleviate the need to having to manually backup and restore on each PC for when a change is made.
There may be multiple configurations in use across your organisation so the Authority Server would need to have each one set up. More details on setting this up are available in the Adding EzeScan Config Profiles to the Authority Server section on page

  1. The override.ini file must be configured for this functionality to work.

Backup an EzeScan Config and apply to the Authority Server

When there is the need to make changes to an existing EzeScan Config you can then upload it to the Authority Server so that it will "roll down" to the PC which are using the original config.
These are the steps to follow:

  1. Complete the changes in the new/modified EzeScan Config
  2. Thoroughly test the new config - end to end!
  3. Perform a full back up as per normal practice (details available in EzeScan Pro User Guide)
  4. Save the new config to the Authority Server location in the custom config folder, overwriting the previous config and associated files; for example…
    1. C:\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan Authority\Config ProfilesIndex


    1. C:\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan Authority\Config ProfilesScan
  1. A screenshot of the above example is shown in Figure 19 on page .

  1. Please ensure the correct Config Profile is saved into the correct folder!

How do the client PC's get the latest config?

  1. Close and restart EzeScan and the new config will "roll-down" to the client PC
  2. If there are any issues following an update you can fall back to a backup copy of the previous config which is saved to C:\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan\Backups. Examples for falling back to a previous config may be…
    1. the wrong config was placed onto the server
    2. new jobs had been added to the client PC which were lost
  3. It is recommended that you raise the problem with the person who updated the Authority Server.
  4. The problem could be resolved by using the Import function (Admin > Settings Backup > Import) to either replace part or all of the config.
  5. EzeScan Clients determine if there is a need to download a configuration based on a file named configupdate.timestamp which as its name infers, holds a time stamp of the current configuration.

Should the time stamp be older than that of the server configuration timestamp, the server configuration will be downloaded to the local client replacing the older local client configuration with the newer server configuration.
Should the time stamp on the local EzeScan instance be newer, where for example the local EzeScan configuration is being updated or added to by the local EzeScan administrator, the server configuration will not be downloaded to the local EzeScan instance.

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