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Configuring the Authority Service

Modifying the service and settings in the Authority.cfg

The following properties can be changed for the EzeScan Authority Server.
Generally the only change required would be that of the "Config Profiles" location where a custom location is defined on the server the Authority service is installed to.
If no changes are required then no changes need to be made in this section and the defaults will be used.
The default path of the settings to modify are in a file called "Authority.cfg" in "C:\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan Authority"

  • ConfigProfileRoot This the path of the configuration profiles
  • Logging:
    • EventLogLevel What errors to be written to the event log
    • FileLogLevel What errors to log to the log file
  • Log levels can be Error, Warn, Info, Debug
  • License Server port default is 32356
  • Web Server Port default is 32380
  1. An Authority.cfg.backup file is created whenever the configuration is changed. Renaming this back to Authority.cfg will bring back the previous configuration.

Below is a sample of this file:
#ConfigProfileRoot="C:\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan\Authority\Config Profiles"
#Log levels include Error, Warn, Info, Debug

  1. The EzeScan Authority Server must be restarted for changes to take effect.

Sample Configuration Profile setting

To change the path of where the EzeScan profiles reside (remove the # symbol).
ConfigProfileRoot="C:\EzeScan Configurations\"

Sample Port setting

To change the port number for the EzeScan Authority Server to listen on the following option needs to be changed (remove the # symbol).

Sample Logging Settings

To change the logging level the following should be set (remove the # symbol).

  • By default the Event log is reporting ERROR messages only.
  • The File log is reporting in INFO messages (which will also log WARN and ERROR messages).
  • The log files are stored in a subfolder called Logs under the configuration folder path.

Modifying the settings location in an override.ini

If your organisation requires the Authority service store its configuration in a specific settings location, an override.ini can be utilised to change the default location to whatever location would suit.

  • Default Settings location…

C:\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan Authority

  • A default override.ini template file is located within…

C:\Program Files (x86)\Outback Imaging\EzeScan Authority\Resources

  • Where the value to update is…

ServerDataPath="Full path to new location folder"

  • With the Override.ini configured it should be copied into the path of

C:\Program Files (x86)\Outback Imaging\EzeScan Authority

  • With the EzeScan Authority Service stopped, copy the existing settings from the default location to the new defined settings location.
  • The EzeScan Authority Service should be restarted to enable it to read the new settings location from the override.ini where upon it will use the copied settings or create a new set of settings in the defined location should none exist.
  • Refer to next page for starting and stopping the service.

  1. It is recommended to use a local machine path to avoid the Ezescan Authority Service incurring Windows Access Control List (ACL) permissions issues given the EzeScan Authority Windows service runs under the "Local Service" account.

  1. Be sure to copy any existing Settings folder contents to the new folder location ensuring the EzeScan Authority Windows Service has first been stopped. Stopping the service is required to enable the copy process to successfully complete and to ensure existing settings will be available at the new location. Refer to next page for starting and stopping the service.

Starting / Stopping the Authority Service

When the EzeScan Authority Server configurations have been completed, the operator can go to the Services to start and stop the service.
The EzeScan Authority Server will be listed as a service.

Figure 6

After starting the service, the operator can check the event viewer using a right mouse click and selecting Properties to confirm it started ok, as shown below.

Figure 7

After stopping the service, the operator can check the event viewer to confirm it stopped OK.

  1. The EzeScan Authority Server must be running for connected PC's to interact with the EzeScan Authority Server.

Reviewing the setting folder paths

Refer to here for opening the Authority Service in a web browser

  1. Login to the web console using an Admin account.
  2. Click the top right hand System link.
  3. The paths will show.

In the below example a custom override.ini path has been configured as "C:\EzeScan\Authority Server Configuration".

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