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97. Why are my WorkSite jobs failing after upgrading EzeScan?

If you have just upgraded your EzeScan to version 4.2.34 (or above) and finding that your WorkSite KFI / UPLOAD jobs are failing it could be due to the WorkSite Operator field not being populated correctly.

  1. Firstly check with your WorkSite administrator to see if the WorkSite field "Operator" is mandatory.

  2. If so, the Target UPLOAD field mapping of "Operator" needs to be set.

  3. There are two options that can be used here.

    1. Set the Operator Target Field to a static value and put in a valid WorkSite username.

    2. Set the Operator Target Field to a static value of "<<S2>>"
      <<S2>> this is the EzeScan placeholder of the windows login name.

  4. When these values have been set, the respective username will be applied to the Operator WorkSite field.

  5. If the upload issue is still occurring after applying these settings please contact usfor further assistance.

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