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90. How do I configure the Objective Wintalk integration to work with EzeScan?

The Objective Wintalk Integration requires the EzeScan workstation to be licensed for the EDRMS module, and also requires EzeScan version 4.2.10 or higher. 

To obtain a copy of a sample EzeScan WinTalk Job please see the Downloads → Software Downloads → Sample Jobs → Objective section of the website.

Please note you will be required to login to access the downloads section.

To configure Objective 7.5 to work with EzeScan…

  • Browse to the following folder C:\Program Files\Objective\Navigator 7\Extensions\WinTalk

  • Backup and then open the wintalk_application_compatibility_policy.xml file.

  • Add the following to the bottom of the file but make sure it is above the compatibility_policy line.

<dialog name="Save As">
<release policy="prompted">

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