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89. How to use Multi Feed Sheet Detection with EzeScan

Multi Feed Sheet Detection is a feature that is on most new medium and high end scanners.

This feature can detect if two or more sheets of paper are scanned through the ADF at the same time.

The scanner can usually have a level of detection enabled i.e. Low, Medium or High.

When some sheets are mis-fed the scanner will beep and pause so the operator can attend the mis-feed and then continue the batch using EzeScan's append feature.

If the scanner is configured via EzeScan's "Use Twain Settings Below" the Multi Feed option will need to be set in the scanners configuration file as the Multi Feed option is not a part of the TWAIN specification.

  • For a Kodak i600 series…The file should be called setup001.ini and will usually reside in c:\program files\common files\kodak\i6xx\ folder

  • For a Kodak i400 Series: The file should be called bitonaldocumentocr.profile and reside in the C:\WINDOWS\twain_32\Kodak\kds_i1400\profiles\scanner model folder.

Note: Please backup the file before making any changes!

  1. In the configuration file you are looking for a setting called: [CAP_ULTRASONICSENSITIVITY]
    This can be set to LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH

  2. Where it says "=TWUS_" Set it to your desired setting.

  3. Save the file and then run a job through EzeScan. A good test to see if it is working OK is to put a small piece of paper on-top-of an A4 sheet and scan it.

  4. It should catch with the page and the scanner should beep and/or stop. An Error may be displayed in EzeScan as well. This will confirm that this feature is working with EzeScan successfully.

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