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85. How to enable debug mode for EzeScan Professional

If you are experiencing a technical issue with EzeScan it may help to load EzeScan in debug mode to see if any errors are logged. Debug logs are primarily designed for EzeScan support and development, but they also contain useful troubleshooting information that EzeScan does not normally display to the user.

Supplying a debug file to your EzeScan support channel will also assist in speeding up turnaround times to resolve your problem. We advise that you try running the software on the latest EzeScan Patch level before sending debug information to support.

📘 Instructions

Three different debug methods

You can view debugging information in EzeScan in three ways:
 Log messages to the debug window.

  1. To do this load EzeScan and press Ctrl + Alt + D. The Debug window will appear, containing log messages. Perform the task to replicate the problem and view the debug window to see the results.

  2. Log messages to the debug window and to a log file.

    To do this load EzeScan and press Ctrl + Alt + L. The Debug window will appear, and all messages will also be logged to a file. Perform the task to replicate the problem and view the debug window or the debug.log file. To locate the log file see Debug Log Locations below.

  3. Log messages to the debug log file.

    This will log the activity to a log file only and not display the Debug window. Every time EzeScan is started a new log file is created. (EzeScan will keep up to 20 log files (20 sessions) and then rotate them automatically)

    To enable this option, copy the override.ini file below into:

For EzeScan 5.0 (x64) C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan

For EzeScan 5.0 (x86) and 4.3: C:\Program Files (x86)\Outback Imaging\EzeScan


Debug log locations

C\ProgramData\Outback Imaging\EzeScan\Logs

Please note: Your installation may store log files in a different location. If they don't appear in the above folder, select the menu option Admin, Workstation Options, Config tab to see EzeScan's application data directory. Debug log files will be stored in the logs subdirectory.

Download File: 

📁 override.ini

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