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80. Discovery is returning dates in a mirrored format.

When using Discovery to search for a date in a format that has only two numerical values for the year, on some PC's that value is returned in a mirrored format.

For Example, the date on the image might be in the format DD/MM/YY, but when you use discovery to retrieve that value the date returned is in the format YY/DD/MM.

This can also cause discovery to return an incorrect value when using the '+number' command in the KFI form to add a number of days to the date.

This problem is directly related to the Operating Systems default Short Date format settings in the Regional and Language Options.

To fix this issue please do the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel (If you are using Windows Vista enable Classic View).

  2. Open Regional and Language Options.

  3. Within the Regional Options tab select the drop down option 'English (Australia)'.

Short dates found using the Discovery module will now be defaulted to the Australian English format DD/MM/YYYY.

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