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78. How do I convert a KFI Date field to a DateTime field

  1. Setup a KFI Field (e.g. called Date_Created) and set its format tab options to a Date requiring DD/MM/YYYY format.

  2. On the output tab, use the 'Add suffix to output value' option to add the (Time Processed) to the field. This will add the <<(Time Processed)>> string to the field.

  3. Insert a space before this <<(Time Processed)>> string.

  4. Modify the string to change the time default format from HHMMSS to HH:MM:SS

    • <<(Time Processed)(hh:mm:ss)>> (note: there is a space at the start of this line!!!!!!

  5. When the KFI field runs, EzeScan will take the date entered by the user in DD/MM/YYYY format and append to it the time in HH:MM:SS format. (E.g date value of 28/03/2007 and processed time of 17:10:05 would become 28/03/2008 17:10:05)

  6. This value can then be passed into an upload DateTime field

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