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69. Black separator pages are not working with the VRS Drive

To resolve this issue please upgrade to version 4.2 Kofax VRS software.

EzeScan requires a minimum of Kofax VRS 4.2 for the black separator detection to work correctly.

If you have version 4.1 or below it is recommended to use barcode separator sheets or follow the instructions below to use our VRS separator page.

  1. The file VRS_Separator.tif will reside in the \Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan 4.2\Samples folder.

  2. Print this page out (double-sided if you are scanning in duplex). If you print it on light yellow paper it will make it much easier to spot the separator pages for removal from the batch of hardcopy documents after scanning has been completed.

  3. Assemble a batch of documents using the new separator pages.

  4. Using EzeScan Job Admin (F6) Profiling tab → adjust the ‘%White Fill’ for Separator Pages from 10% to 58%. (Please note that 58% white = 42% black. We have allowed a 4% tolerance so that the new separator pages should work reliably).

  5. Run the job and make sure your separator pages are detected and shown with a red border in the EzeScan Viewer.

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