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56. Can I use winzip to zip up a scanned batch of output images automatically?

Yes, it is possible to do this using the existing Job Admin form, Commit button functionality in Ezescan.

You need to setup 2 specific things in EzeScan to do this.

  1. Specify where the images are sent once they are profiled. On the Job Admin form, Output tab you will need to set the following settings:

    • Specify the job Output Directory e.g. n:\lodge\ret\peter\build\

    • Other Destination = None

  2. Specify where the images are sent when they are committed, and how wzzip.exe is used during that process to bundle the images into a zipfile archive. On the Job Admin Form, Output tab press the output Options button. On the output Image Options form, Commit Document frame set the following settings:

    • Tick Enable Commit Document Processing To.

    • Specify the folder path where commit documents are to be saved e.g. n:\lodge\ret\peter\commit

    • Tick Don't Create Images.

    • Tick Prompt For Filename.

    • Enter the following in the Command Line And Arguments field.

      c:\progra~1\winzip\wzzip.exe -m n:\lodge\ret\peter\commit\<<CFN>> n:\lodge\ret\peter\build\*.tif

When the Commit Button is pressed during production , it would normally simply move the files from the job output directory to the commit directory. When the "Don't Create Images" option is ticked, this file move is skipped, and the wzzip.exe command line instead zips the images and places the resulting zip file into the commit directory. The variable <<CFN>> is replaced by the filename value that the user enters at the Filename Prompt question.

Note 1: You'll need the command line add on for winzip which is normally available from the winzip downloads area. The command line add on will install the wzzip.exe program.

Note 2: wzzip.exe uses only short path/file names. So if your path/file names are longer than 8 characters you'll need to trunacte them down to use the first 6 characters followed by ~1 (or in rare cases ~2 or ~3).

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