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54. EzeScan says I am not licensed for barcodes, but the licensing screen says BCR is licensed.

You have installed EzeScan PRO and you are running it with either a PRO Demo license or PRO+BCR license. When you try to run a job that is setup to profile documents based on using barcodes, EzeScan pops up an error message that says you are unlicensed for the the Barcode module even though the BCR license is installed.

This happens if you are running EzeScan as a user account that does not have local admin rights. The barcode dll's used by EzeScan are not fully registered until the barcode module is run. So if you install EzeScan with local admin rights, but do not run a job using barcoding, then the barcode dll's are not fully registered.

Then if you switch to a user that does not have local admin rights and try and run a barcode job, you'll get the error about not being licensed for the BCR module.

There are 2 ways to fix this problem:

  1. Close EzeScan & logout from windows.

  2. Login to windows as a user who has local admin rights & run Ezescan.

  3. Run the barcode job → The barcoded thumbnail pages should be highlighted with yellow borders and you should not see any barcode licensing errors.

  4. If this works okay then you can simply close EzeScan, logout from windows, login as the original user that does not have local admin rights, start EzeScan and rerun the barcode job.

Alternatively, assign the user local admin rights.

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