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51. Why do my EzeScan Archiver filenames get truncated when I burn the files to CD/DVD?

The Joliet file system specification allows for file names of 128 characters or 64 Unicode characters.

The original ISO 9960 system allowed for a maximum of 31 characters.

The following is from a website discussing CD file systems to use when using long file names on CD.

"Use the ISO 9660:1999 filesystem. Also known as ISO Level 2 Long, 9660:1999 is a variant of the ISO 9660 file system standard that has better support for long file names. It supports pathnames up to 207 characters long and allows for directories to be nested more than eight deep.

The only downside here is that a disk created in this format might not be readable on all computers. Although it's supported by most applications that burn to CD, for instance, Nero 6 and higher, some applications do not support burning ISO 9660:1999 to DVD.

Use the UDF filesystem. UDF is another commonly supported mass storage file system that doesn't have Joliet's length restrictions. UDF 1.5 and higher can support individual file names of 255 bytes and a maximum pathsize of 1023 bytes.

The downside here is that many systems still don't read UDF natively. But if you're only reading the discs in a system that can (Windows XP can read UDF natively), this shouldn't be a concern."

Information on the CD file system formats available and how to apply those settings to use those formats in your CD burning software should be available on the related software manufacturers website.

If you would prefer to (or have no alternative than to) use the Joliet file system then you can limit the length of the file names in EzeScan by either…

  1. Un-checking the "Store Images with Original Filenames" option on the EzeScan Upload Admin form (F8)

  2. Using a length limited KFI Index field for the file name (This can be made up of other existing indexes)

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