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29. Why does the EzeScan_Routing.exe service not process files on a mapped network drive?

When the EzeScan_Routing.exe runs as a service it can only access a mapped drive using a UNC path (i.e. \\myserver\volume1\scanner), not a mapped path (i.e. f:\scanner).

To correct this problem simply:

  1. Stop the EzeScan_Routing service.

  2. Start EzeScan.exe, Press F9 to go into the Routing Admin form. Go to the Import tab. In the Import Directory field change the mapped drive path to a UNC path by manually typing the new value into the field. Save the changes.

  3. Close EzeScan.exe

  4. Start the EzeScan_Routing service.

  5. Place some TIF files into the EzeScan Routing import directory. They should now be processed out of that directory.

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