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23. How can I import my EzeScan Settings?

There are three ways that EzeScan Settings can be imported.

  1. Import All Items

    • This option will import all EzeScan Jobs

  2. Import Selected Items

    • This option allows the operator to select which jobs to be imported.

  3. Restore Entire EzeScan Configuration

    • This option will replicate the whole entire EzeScan configuration from the backed up PC. (i.e. Including Workstation Settings - job buttons etc)

📘 Instructions

 To Import settings follow the steps below.

  1. Load EzeScan

  2. Select Admin, Settings Backup, Import

  3. Click on the ... button and browse to your EzeScan.cfg file

  4. In the Select Settings To Import box select your option of which settings to import.

  5. If using Import Selected Items, you will need to select the jobs and click the > icon to move it over to the import list

  6. Click the Import Button

  7. When Complete, EzeScan will display an "Import Successful" message.

The EzeScan jobs can now be run.

Note: If performing an EzeScan version upgrade and the import configuration settings are from an older EzeScan version, after importing please run through all the jobs to confirm that everything is working correctly.

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