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21. Why can't I get my ftp import working?

First and foremost you should be able to do the following between the EzeScan DESKTOP PC and the FTP Server where the images are stored:

  1. From the Command Prompt on the EzeScan PC run FTP to the remote FTP server.

  2. Login as a username that has read & write permissions on the FTP server.  Write permissions are essential as we must be able to delete a file from the server, after we have downloaded it to the EzeScan PC.

  3. Supply a valid password to access the FTP server.

  4. Once you a logged in you must be able to execute the ftp DIR command to display a list of TIF files available for download on the FTP server.

  5. You must be able to choose ftp BIN mode for the file transfers.  This forces the file transfer into binary mode.

  6. You must also be able to execute an ftp GET command to transfer one of the TIF files from the FTP server to the EzeScan PC.

  7. You must be able to execute an ftp DEL command to delete the file you just got from the server.

By successfully completing these steps you will have proven that you can connect to the server, login to the server, list files on the server, get a file from the server in binary mode, delete the file from the server.

If you can do all these steps without errors then the EzeScan FTP Import should work properly.

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