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152. Use of an override.ini file with EzeScan

An override file allows some of the start-up parameters for EzeScan.exe to be altered from factory defaults (e.g. like turning on writing debug information to a log file to assist with troubleshooting)

When an EzeScan.exe instance starts the first thing it does it check for the existence an override.ini file in the same directory as the EzeScan.exe file. If one exists it reads it and executes the lines in the file that are uncommented (i.e. don’t start with the ';' character).

By default an override.ini file is not actively installed by the EzeScan Installer.

A sample override.ini file is however included by the the installer (typically in the C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan\Resources sub folder for 64 Bit EzeScan)

The sample override.ini file includes comments and advice on how to change some of the settings in the file. We recommend taking great care when modifying the override.ini file. Seek advice from our support team if you don’t know what you are doing.

First copy the \Resources\override.ini file to your desktop and then make the edits that you require to \Desktop\override.ini file. Don’t forget to save your changes. Then copy the override.ini file from the desktop to the same folder as the EzeScan.exe (typically in the C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan folder for 64 Bit EzeScan).

It’s not usually possible to directly edit an active override.ini file while its sitting in the Program Files folder, because windows permissions don’t allow any file edits to be saved. But windows explorer does allow you to copy the edited file from your desktop and paste it over the one in EzeScan.exe directory.

Once the updated override.ini file is in place, it's time to restart your EzeScan Desktop and EzeScan Server applications to pickup any changes made in the override.ini file.

Please Note: The override.ini file is only used by the 1st instance of EzeScan Desktop and EzeScan Server applications

If you are licensed for a multi-instance deployment of EzeScan applications (typically as a support technician) then:
a) A 2nd instance of EzeScan uses override2.ini file

b) The 3rd instance of EzeScan uses an override3.ini file

c) and so on ….

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