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140. Rollback to an earlier version of EzeScan and required steps

For many organisations upgrading EzeScan will include the requirement for rollback planning to facilitate the rolling back of their EzeScan clients to the EzeScan version originally in use.

For successful rollback purposes, EzeScan patches must be sequentially uninstalled as the first step prior to uninstalling the actual base product.

As an example let's assume an organisation has upgraded their EzeScan client Workstations from EzeScan version 4.3.58 to EzeScan version 4.3.172.

The process used was to first uninstall version 4.3.58 via Windows "Programs and Features", then install EzeScan version 4.3.172 via its FULL EzeScan installer.

The upgraded install will logically look like the below, where there is a "Base" EzeScan install (v4.3.150) which will have been incrementally updated by the EzeScan patch release (v4.3.172).


  • 4.3.150: This is the "Base" version of EzeScan.

  • 4.3.172: This is the "Update" patch version of EzeScan applied to the "Base" install.

The above will show in Windows "Programs and Features" as EzeScan version 4.3.172.

📘 Instructions to Uninstall EzeScan

For rollback purposes the uninstall of EzeScan should follow the below processes.   

  1. In Windows "Programs and Features" choose the "View installed updates" option.

  2. In "View installed updates" EzeScan will show the current installed patch as "EzeScan <version number> Patch".

  3. Select the patch and then choose the "Uninstall" option.

  4. As each patch version is uninstalled any previously applied patch version will show, continue uninstalling each EzeScan patch until there are none left showing.

  5. Navigate back to "Uninstall a program", EzeScan will show as the "Base" version number (e.g. version 4.3.150), select the EzeScan application and choose the "Uninstall" option.

  6. EzeScan will now be fully incrementally uninstalled enabling the earlier rollback version of EzeScan to be installed and successfully run.

Any rollback of an EzeScan client to an earlier version should also include a rollback to the matching previous version EzeScan configuration. This is because EzeScan configurations are migrated forwards by an EzeScan update and are then no longer backwards compatible.

Be sure to refresh the "View installed updates" page to update the display and show any remaining patches to be removed.

A list of base EzeScan 4.3.x versions as of January 2020 are below:

  • 4.3.0

  • 4.3.60

  • 4.3.100

  • 4.3.120

  • 4.3.130

  • 4.3.150

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