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129. Barcode processing seems to run slower on some of the jobs or routes

When a barcode processing job or route is set up one of the big questions is 'what type of barcode are you using on your documents?'

If you print your own barcoded documents then you would most likely know what type of barcode font was used to print the barcode on the document (for example barcode font types like code 3of9, code 128 are fairly common).  In this case, you will set up the barcode detection in EzeScan to use the exact same font that was used to print the barcode (e.g. code 3of9).

But quite often the printing is done elsewhere and by the time the barcoded documents arrive on your desk, you will have no idea what barcode font type was used. How do you figure this out? If you are experienced with barcodes you might be able to just look at the types of bars used at the start of the barcode to guess its type.

There is an easier way. In EzeScan when you set up the barcode recognition engine just set the barcode type to 'Unknown'. This will allow EzeScan to compare the scanned barcode to the full list of barcodes that it supports. The detection will either match against one of the 30+ supported barcode types or fail.

When the detection matches with an existing barcode type, EzeScan will report the detected barcode type when you view the Document properties in the EzeScan image viewer.  Once you have determined the barcode type (e.g. code 3of9) you must go back into the barcode settings and change the barcode type from 'Unknown' to the detected barcode type (e.g. code 3of9).

Failing to specify the exact barcode type in the settings will cause the barcode detection processing time in a production job or route to be really slow because every time it finds a barcode it has to compare it to every 1 of 30+ barcode types to find a match instead of just comparing it to the 1 specified type.

If the barcode job or route processes documents that could have multiple different barcode types, you should multi-select the exact barcode types in the settings list, rather than leaving it set to 'Unknown'.

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