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12. How can I remove blank pages?

A blank page is a page that is usually around 99.80% white. The operator can change this percentage value of white for a blank page in the Admin → Jobs → Enhancement tab. It is recommended not to set this setting below 99.70% as pages that may contain a small amount of content could be deleted.

To remove blank pages at scan time, simply tick the 'Delete Blank Pages' tick-box option on the Enhancement tab of the Operator Actions form (F2). Otherwise you can use the Shift and Delete keys to delete blank pages from a batch set of images.

If an image has a dark line around the edge of the page or has black spots from the hole punch and EzeScan is not deleting it, the H Area % and V Area % can also be set in the Enhancement tab. H Area is for Horizontal and V Area is for Vertical. i.e. if setting the V area to around 85% EzeScan will ignore the top and bottom 7.5% of the page, therefore not picking up the black coverage and deleting the page correctly.

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