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116. Fujitsu Scanners - Insufficient Memory. (Code: DS41001)

According to the Fujitsu Scanner Driver Manual Troubleshooting section here's what it has to say about the error message

Insufficient memory. (DS41001)


There is not enough memory for tasks such as scanning and image processing. The driver program consumes a lot of memory space for caching (when Ram cache or /Use Both Memory is selected) or for processing images. Because of this, insufficient memory is likely to have occurred.


  • Lower the resolution.

  • Don't use the following image processing settings: Dropout Color="None" and Image Rotation.

  • Lower the Automatic Page Size Detection Priority.

  • Don't compress the file when saving it.

  • Select a caching mode other than "Ram cache" or "Use Both Memory."

  • Increase virtual memory

What EzeScan recommends

We have found that the Fujitsu Fi Series TWAIN driver is quite susceptible to this error when scanning in Colour, 300 DPI, duplex with Auto Paper Sizing turned on.

In our application, we have made sure that the scanner Dropout Color is not set to 'None' and the scanner Image Rotation is set to 'off'.

We are also setting cache mode to 'None' when Auto Paper size detection is enabled.

So we suggest to:

  1. Consider turning off auto paper sizing, if you are just scanning A4 pages. Set your paper size to A4 instead.

  2. Consider lowering the resolution from 300 to 200 dpi if possible.

  3. Consider upgrading the scanning PC to run Windows 7 64-bit instead of a Windows 32-bit operating system (Typically XP or Vista). Make sure it has at least 6GB of ram minimum.

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