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103. TWAIN Scanner Error Message 'Unable to acquire. Error Code is: 7000'

This is a generic TWAIN error. It usually means the scanner is offline or another internal issue with the scanner.

  1. Check the scanner to see if it is powered on → restart it to see if it fixes the issue.

  2. If this does not fix the issue it is likely that the scanner has another problem. e.g. a document feeding or sensor issue. These types of errors are not exposed by the TWAIN protocol so EzeScan will not be able to see it.

To diagnose the issue…

  1. Close EzeScan

  2. Load the Vendors scanning utility (this is usually is shipped with the TWAIN driver) e.g. for Kodak it is the Scan Validation Tool, for Fujitsu it is the ScandAll Application.

  3. Perform the exact same scan as you were in EzeScan. The scanners application should then display a much more descriptive message of the problem.

  4. Take this information and contact your scanner vendor support channel.

If the issue does not occur using the utility and does using EzeScan then it is possible that it is an EzeScan issue.

Please contact your EzeScan Support channel to diagnose the issue further.

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