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102. How to hot-fix EzeScan 4.2

Please Note: An EzeScan Hot-fix is fix to address a customer specific issue.
A hot-fix is not required for a normal update of an EzeScan installation.
Hot-fixes should only be applied under the instruction of your EzeScan support representative.

To install a hot-fix….

  1. Perform a backup of your EzeScan Configuration. Please refer here for details on how to preform a backup:

  2. Check the current version on your EzeScan installation. This can be done by selecting Help → About → More Details. This will tell you your version \ patch \ build level.
    eg. - Where 4.2 is the version, 170 is the patch level, 1985 is the build level

  3. If your EzeScan is not on the latest patch level, the hot-fix will not work.
    e.g. the Hot-fix will not work if your version is 4.2.169.X or below
    Please refer here for details on how to patch to the latest level:

To update to the latest hot-fix…

  1. Backup the file EzeScan.exe in the C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan 4.2 folder.

  2. The latest patch will be available on our website under DownloadsSoftware DownloadsEzeScan Patch Updates → Hotfixes

  3. Download the Hotfix → unzip it.

  4. Copy the file EzeScan.exe over the top of the current one in the C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan 4.2 folder.

  5. Load EzeScan and test if your specific issue has been fixed.

If further assistance is required, please contact EzeScan or your reseller.

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