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101. How to patch EzeScan 4.2

To patch an EzeScan installation there is some steps to do to ensure it will run successfully.

  1. Perform a backup of your EzeScan Configuration. Please refer here for details on how to preform a backup:

  2. Check the current version on your EzeScan installation.
    This can be done by selecting Help → About → More Details.
    This will tell you your level

    • eg. → Where 4.2 is the version, 170 is the patch level, 1985 is the build level

To download the latest patch…

Make sure you are logged in to our website to access the patch updates

  • The latest patch will be available on our website under DownloadsSoftware DownloadsEzeScan Patch Updates

  • Take a note of the description. It will detail the minimum EzeScan version required to apply the patch.

  • e.g. If the minimum version is 4.2.160 and you are running 4.2.159 or lower, you will need to download the EzeScan Full Online Installation from the EzeScan Installers folder.

  • If you are running 4.2.160 or above then you can download an install the patch.

Note: The EzeScan Patch usually does not require a reboot.

If further assistance is required, please contact EzeScan or your reseller.

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