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100. How to create multiple instances of EzeScan and EzeScan Server on version 4.2


  • This FAQ only applies to EzeScan version 4.2 only. To setup multiple instances on version 4.3 please refer to the EzeScan SERVER User Guide section 7.1.

  • To run multiple instances of EzeScan.exe or EzeScan_Routing.exe your workstation must be licensed for more than 1 Exe Instances.

  • The number of EzeScan.exe and EzeScan_Routing.exe instances that can be run on the workstation is limited to the number of Exe Instances on your license.

  • Additional licensed instances of EzeScan.exe and EzeScan_Routing.exe can be purchased from our Sales department.


  1. Open My Computer and browse to the following directory
    "C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan 4.2"

  2. In the same folder make a duplicate of the EzeScan.exe and EzeScan_Routing.exe, and then rename them to EzeScan2.exe and EzeScan_Routing2.exe respectively.

  3. Now run the EzeScan2.exe - EzeScan will automatically create a new Cache folder and Configuration file for the new instance of EzeScan.

  4. Repeat steps 2 to 3 for EzeScan.exe and EzeScan_Routing.exe instances 3 and 4 (if required).

  5. To install the new EzeScan_Routing.exe instances as a service use the following text in Command Prompt
    "c:\program files\outback imaging\ezescan\ezescan_routing2.exe -install"

    Note: You will need replace the number 2 from the above text with the instance number you are wanting to install.

  6. Each licensed instance must use its own Routes with unique import folders to prevent errors that may occur if multiple instances are accessing the same folders.

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