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Metadata Field Types

Metadata fields are displayed on the right side of the screen and are configured differently for each queue or workflow. For documents to be submitted, these fields need to be completed.

The following fields can be used:

Text Box:

Enter the required text information by typing directly into the field.

Date Range:

Provide a date by typing it in manually or selecting the calendar icon to select a date from the calendar.

Drop-Down Menus:

Drop-down menus present a list of pre-defined options, and you can select one option from the provided choices. By clicking on the field, a menu drops down, displaying the available options. You can then choose the desired option by clicking on it. Drop-down menus are useful when you have a limited set of choices or predefined values.

Search Fields:

Search fields are designed to perform searches on a configured database or data source. These fields allow you to enter search terms or criteria. By clicking on the search icon located at the end of the field, you can initiate the search functionality, which will process the entered search terms and return relevant results.

Radio Buttons

Users can select only one option from the available choices. When one option is selected, it automatically deselects any previously selected option within the same group.


Users can select multiple options from a list independently of each other. Users can select or deselect checkboxes based on their preferences, and each selected checkbox represents an independent choice.

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