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The Integrations section allows the connection to the EzeScan Integration Service (EIS).

This will then allows the operator to add an integration to one of the many supported EzeScan Integrations.

The EzeScan Server integration service should be installed and running prior to configuring in the WebApp.

Please refer to the EzeScan SERVER User Guide for instructions.


The following settings are available:



Integration Service Endpoint

Endpoint of integrations server.

Often hosted locally.

Eg: http://localhost:32390/

Ignore SSL Issues

Ignores any issues with the SSL certificate.

Enabling this option potentially makes communication less secure.


If your EIS server has been configured with an API Key then set this value to the corresponding key.

If the settings are valid and the connection to EIS is successful then you will see the “Integration Server Status” table.

On the right hand side you can click the Add New button to configure a new integration.

Each integration will have specific settings for that particular system. If you need assistance then please contact us for help.

Integration Specific Documentation

Callback URI

Whenever an integration uses OAuth 2.0 flow it requires a callback URI.

The following API endpoint listens for OAuth 2.0 callbacks:


When entering this URI into a destination system you need to add this URL onto the end of the URL you use to access EWA.

For example if you accessed EWA by navigating to:


Then your callback URI would be:


The table below shows some common examples:

EzeScan WebApps Url

Callback URI


Integration settings support the following placeholders:




The current logged in users username


The current logged in users password

Instead of using the username and password placeholders we recommend configuring integrations to use OAuth 2.0 flow for authentication when its supported.

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