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How to perform a search

Performing a general search

  1. To perform a quick search of documents in WebApps, type a search term into the search box located in the top-right-hand corner of the page and press enter on your keyboard.

  1. By performing a search this way, EzeScan WebApps will display a list of all documents requiring processing with that particular search term in the document name. For example, if the term invoice is typed into the search bar, EzeScan will return a list of documents with the word Invoice in their name. Please note that when performing a search this way, it will only search the document name and not other fields.

  1. To change the search filter field, click the “Item Name” button and choose a different filter from the drop-down menu.

  1. Enter your new constraint value into the text box and click the “Search” button to apply the new filter.

  1. To add an additional search filter, click the "+ Add Constraint" button located below the text box on the right side.

  1. Select the additional filter type from the drop-down menu, enter the search value in the text box, and click the “Search” button to apply the new filter. You can apply multiple constraints by repeating this action. The available constraints in the drop-down menu correspond to the configured fields across your indexing pages and may vary based on your organisations setup.

  1. To remove a search filter, click the "-" button on the right side of the filter box, and click the “Search” button again.

Searching a queue or specific app page

  1. To perform a search on a specific queue or app page, toggle the “All Pages” switch to the off position.

  1. When the toggle is changed to off, it will change from blue to white. This will give you the ability to select an app page from the drop-down menu.

  1. The selected queue will appear as a blue tab below the search box. You can select as many app pages as you want. After selecting the desired queue(s), click the “Search” button to perform the search.

  1. The checkboxes on the right side of the field can be used to select (left checkbox) or deselect (right checkbox) all pages.

  1. To deselect a single app page, click the "x" button on the respective blue tab.

Running a search from an App Page 

  1. To conduct a search from a specific queue or app page, you can click the “Search” button.

  1. This action will take you to the search screen and automatically select the corresponding app page for the search.

 Video Tutorial:

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