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Edit general settings of EzeScan WebApps.

Nav Menu

Navigation Settings

Show RIA search textbox

Provides a textbox on the main navigation that allows users to search for indexing items across all accessible pages.

Show Intray link

Provides a link in the top right hand corner for users to access their inbox.

Menu Items

Allows configuration of the built in menu items.

Queue Scanner

Queue Scanner Settings

Queue Scanner Interval

Interval in seconds for indexing queue scanner to scan for new files to import.

Login Page

Login Page Settings

Login Help Text Html

This HTML block will appear below the login inputs and is designed to help users when logging in.


<div class="row">
   <div class="col">
      <div class="form-group">
         <div class="alert alert-primary" role="alert">
            <h5>Demo User Credentials</h5>
            <p>Username: user</p>
            <p>Password: user</p>

The code block above would show an informational alert to your users:


Administrator Settings

Administrator PasswordPassword for the "admin" user. Leave blank to keep the current password.
Other Administrative usersSemicolon separated usernames for any other users that should have access to the Admin panel.

Custom Logo

Click browse to upload a new logo.

Recommended size: 650 x 300 pixels

Recommended format: png

Global Message

Global Message Settings

Can be used to display a dismissible message to users at the top of the EWA page above the navigation bar.

Once dismissed the message can still been seen by hovering over the yellow notification bell in the top right.

EnabledIf enabled then the global message will be shown to users on the site.
MessageText to display in the message. This field can also support HTML tags to enhance the message.
Background ColourThe colour to use as the background of the message.
IconIcon to display to the left of the message.
Display ExampleProvides an example of what the alert will look like for your users.
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