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Upgrading from version 3.3.x

To upgrade from version 3.3.x to version 3.5.x please follow the steps below.

  1. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service.
  2. Copy your EzeScanWebApps folder to another location (for backup).
    1. If using MS SQL Server we also suggest taking a backup of the databases.
  3. Go into the App Pool hosting the application and change the .NET CLR Version from "v4.0" to "No Managed Code".
  4. Delete all content in EzeScanWebApps except for the App_Data folder.
  5. Install ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.19 Hosting Bundle (or newer) - Link to download
  6. Download the 3.4.x zip from our website -> Right click properties and unblock, unzip and then copy over the top the EzescanWebApps folder.
  7. If you currently have an appsettings.json file located in your App_Data folder then do the following (This will be the case if you're using MS SQL Server):
    1. Copy the new format appsettings-template.json file to appsettings.json in the root of your EzeScabWebApps folder.
    2. Copy any applicable settings from the the old format appsettings.json file that was located in the App_Data folder to the one now located in the root folder of EzeScanWebApps.
  8. Start the  World Wide Web Publishing Service.
  9. Load the homepage, login and check functionality by processing a sample document.
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