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OAuth 2.0 - Authorization Code

User will be prompted to sign-in via an OAuth 2.0 authorization server to return a code that can be used to obtain access tokens to be included in the authorization header of all requests.

For example,

Authorization: Bearer YWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuc2VzYW1l


Authorization Endpoint:

The endpoint the user will be navigated to when signing in.

Token Endpoint:

The endpoint that will be called to exchange a temporary code for access token, and make subsequent refresh request.

Client Id:

The client identifier as registered for this application.

Client Secret:

The client secret to use when fetching and renewing tokens.

Redirect Path:

The path suffix (relative to the server's base address) to redirect users to after signing in.


The sign in process must be triggered manually using the Sign-in button before it can be used in background processing of jobs.

If the authorization server rejects a fetch or refresh token request the error code and description should be shown in the OAuth Access Token table.

Should this happen the user will need to manually sign in again before processing of jobs can resume.

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