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Jobs - General


Display Name:

The name to display for this job.

Source Type:

The source type.

This can be either RESTful API or Local File.

RESTful API should be used for fetch records from a web service.

Local File should be used for importing rows from a CSV on the local filesystem.

API Path: (RESTful API Only)

The API URL for the request when fetching results.

File Path: (Local File Only)

The local filesystem path of the CSV to import rows from.

It is expected that CSV files will have a single header row for column names.

CSV Column Delimiter: (Local File Only)

The delimiter to use when splitting, defaults to comma (,).

DB Table Name:

The name of the database table records should be written to.

Note the table will be recreated each time the job is run.

SQL Bulk Copy Limit:

The maximum number of rows to bulk copy at a time to the SQL server table.

Defaults to 20,000 rows.

Consider using a smaller limit if you encounter SQL execution timeouts.

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