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The OpenForms connector is used to retrieve files from the OpenForms service by reading an input EML file which contains Response Ids, where each file can be downloaded using it’s unique Response Id.

Connection Settings

To connect to the OpenForms service, valid Connection Settings are required.

Output Settings

Within EzeScan, the connector is available as an Output:

The relevant settings are available by clicking on the Advanced button.

These settings are described as:

Setting Name


Output Folder                        

Set the folder output path.

Output Imported Index File           

Copy the imported index file to the output directory using the same base name as the download PDF.

OpenForms Response Id Pattern        

The regex pattern for matching the OpenForms Response Id.

Skip Downloading Existing Attachments

Skip downloading attachments from OpenForms that have already been downloaded from the EML file.

Output Non EML Files                 

Copy the Non EML files to the output directory.

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