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EzeScan PRO + Additional Modules

The EzeScan PRO application from EzeScan provides users with a batch scanning application that allows more than 1 document to be scanned at a time through the use of several different types of separator page detection.

Its features include scanning, importing, image enhancement and clean-up, image format conversion, and output file formats including TIF, image only PDF and text searchable PDF.

For additional functionality beyond what EzeScan PRO provides, the following modules can be purchased: AUDIT, BCR, DISCOVERY, EDRMS, ICR, IDR, KFI, OMR, SERVER ROUTING, and UPLOAD.

EzeScan PRO
(includes MFD+OCR+PUBLISH)

This is a scanning application designed to easily scan documents, and to generate the resulting output images in formats that are readily accepted by other systems. It forms the core module upon which the other optional modules plug into.
EzeScan PRO supports TWAIN, ISIS and WIA compliant scanners and MFD's that can scan a network share. It can also import documents from POP3 and FTP servers.
The OCR Engine is included for Text Searchable PDF support.
The PUBLISH option can add Annotations, Redaction, Audit Stamping, and Image Resizing to an image.


Adds functionality for capturing job type statistics to the EzeScan PRO module and ROUTING module. These are stored in an ODBC compliant database. The Audit database can be queried with an SQL compliant query tool.


Adds Barcode Recognition functionality to the EzeScan PRO and KFI modules. Provides options for processing documents using barcodes.


This module is used to search for operator defined keywords and then return OCR results around the word.

This module is primarily designed for supplier invoices but can be used for other forms. For example a supplier invoice will usually contain the following fields. Invoice Number, Date, Supplier Name, Amount.


The EzeScan Email Record Capture module allows for email message bodies to be downloaded from a mailbox and then displayed in EzeScan for processing.


Adds support to save documents into Electronic Document & Records Management Systems to the EzeScan PRO module.
The currently supported systems are detailed on the EzeScan website.


Adds Intelligent Character (Handprint) Recognition functionality to the EzeScan KFI module. Provides options for processing hand written forms.

Index (KFI)

Adds Key from Image (data entry) functionality to the EzeScan PRO module. The data entry option allows both image and metadata to be captured for each document processed. It allows simple forms processing solutions to be developed.


The Line Items module enables EzeScan to extract the data from an invoice with great precision and speed.


Adds Optical Mark (checkbox) Recognition functionality to the EzeScan KFI module. Provides options for forms with checkboxes i.e. questionnaires, student exams, etc.


Adds Automated Routing for semi-structured documents to the EzeScan PRO module. It can use either OCR, BCR, KFI or KFI / UPLOAD to identify incoming documents and route them to recipients based on the document content.


Adds Upload functionality to the EzeScan KFI module. UPLOAD provides a quick upload connection to these supported back end systems for images and metadata produced by the KFI module.
The currently supported systems are detailed on the EzeScan website.

By simply adding the extra modules as required, the EzeScan PRO batch scanning application functionality can be extended to meet the specific job requirements of each client.

Note: When using a demonstration license, any red text in a dialog box depicts that the extra licensed modules are needed to apply those features.

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