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System Requirements

The EzeScan Authority server is a web services based management tool designed to centralise licensing and configurations and runs as a Windows Service delivering web service based licensing, lookup tables and management for EzeScan clients.
Below is a minimum specification for an EzeScan Authority Server.

  • A minimum of two CPU cores.
  • Microsoft Windows operating systems supporting Microsoft .NET 6 and above
  • Two open ports for the client and server to communicate (default are 32356 and 32380 and the installer will create the firewall rule)
  • A Windows share for ease of configuration, backup and maintenance
  • HTTPS (SSL) usage will require a web server certificate in the format of pfx (a Public, Private or self-signed certificate can be utilised), alternatively the EzeScan Authority web services can be delivered unencrypted via HTTP.
  • Windows Server 2016 is the minimum operating system required for HTTPS support due to required encryption ciphers not included in earlier Microsoft Server operating systems.

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