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The EzeScan Authority Server is a licensing and configuration service and has been developed to…

  • centralise the EzeScan configurations for use by the EzeScan (PC) clients
  • create global Lookup Tables for use when processing documents in EzeScan
  • manage the ID counters for EzeScan scanning and document processing
  • manage the local client licencing centrally
  • manage the EzeScan Concurrent (PC) client licenses
  • manage the EzeScan Throughput Quota licenses
  • manage the user names of who can access the Authority Server browser
  1. The EzeScan Authority Server is free to all customers who are currently "under maintenance", however there is a cost involved for "Concurrent" and "Throughput quota" licenses along with possible consulting costs for implementing a solution.Please contact EzeScan or your reseller for further information.

Concurrent Licencing Information

If Concurrent Licenses are used in your EzeScan environment…

  • when the EzeScan client is loaded, it will request a license file from the EzeScan Authority Server
  • The EzeScan Authority Server can be configured with multiple license file types and can issue a number of connections depending on how license pools have been setup, for example…
    • department A can have modules a and b
    • department B be can have modules a, b and c

The EzeScan Authority server can also hold configuration profiles.

  • This means that when the EzeScan client is started it will check the configuration profiles and if the client configuration is outdated it will pull down a new configuration.

This guide provides information on the EzeScan Authority Server. It describes how to install, configure the service, how to create license pools, manage configuration profiles and ID counters.

  • If using a concurrent license; the EzeScan PCs are required to be licensed for the concurrent mode.
  • One concurrent license must be used per site.
    • If there is a need to purchase additional concurrent licenses then please contact EzeScan or your reseller and they will provide a quote
      • The general practice to cost the additional concurrent licenses in a pro-rata method so that the new licenses will then have the same renewal date as the existing concurrent license.
  • The EzeScan client must be on the current EzeScan version.

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