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Managing Concurrent Licenses on the EzeScan (PC) client

The EzeScan PCs are required to connect to the EzeScan Authority Server to be able to obtain a license.

  1. EzeScan 4.3.35 or above must be installed for use with the EzeScan Authority Server.

Connecting EzeScan to the Authority Server

  1. Load EzeScan on the PC.
  2. Click Admin, then Licensing

Figure 42

  1. The Licensing Information window will display…

Figure 43

  1. Click the Concurrent radio button.
  2. Click the Server button.
  3. The License Server Configuration window will display…

Figure 44

  1. Enter the Host Name or IP Address for the location of the EzeScan Authority Server.
  2. Enter the port number
  3. Click the Get Info button.
  4. The Info box will be populated.

Figure 45

    1. This shows that the EzeScan client has connected to the License Server successfully.
    2. It will also direct the operator to the Authority Server web page.

Figure 46

  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Click the Close button.
  3. A message about restarting EzeScan will display.

Figure 47 - You MUST close EzeScan before proceeding

  1. Click OK to restart EzeScan. Once EzeScan has restarted it will now request a license file from the EzeScan Authority Server.

Checking what PCs are connected to the EzeScan Authority Server

The operator can check the PCs or users that are connected to the EzeScan Authority Server.

  1. Load a web browser and navigate to the EzeScan Authority Server page.

E.g. http://yourserver:32380

  1. The following page will display what pcs are currently connected.

Figure 48 - Server Status showing 1 PC connected

Checking your EzeScan Concurrent License on the EzeScan Client PC

The below will show the operator how many concurrent seats and what modules are in the respective license.

  1. Load EzeScan
  2. Click Admin, then Licensing
  3. Check the Configuration Type is set to Concurrent and the setting Concurrent Seats show the number of concurrent licenses (in this example = 2)

Figure 49 - checking the license on the EzeScan client

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